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The Community Human Service Partnership is an innovative collaboration between Leon County, and the City of Tallahassee. It was established to most effectively distribute community funds for human services.  CHSP was first implemented in 1997. The CHSP process includes the following strategic steps:

  • The Request for Proposal (RFP) workshop notification was advertised in the local newspaper and sent to all CHSP applicants and interested parties.
  • Staff conducted four RFP workshops for interested private, nonprofit organizations.
  • CHSP utilizes a comprehensive application, which includes legal, organizational, financial, managerial, programmatic, and program design and outcome information.
  • Technical assistance was available after the RFP workshop for a period of several weeks.
  • Volunteers received grant review training, and each volunteer served on one of the nine Citizens Review Teams (CRTs).
  • Each team reviews the applications, conducts agency site visits, completes agency/programmatic assessments, recommends priorities and makes initial funding recommendations based on group consensus.
  • After the volunteers formulate their recommendations, the CHSP staff determines the funding source for each program based on legal, procedural and historical funding factors.
  • Each agency receives an award letter which provides direct feedback from the Review Team.
  • An appeals procedure is a part of the grant distribution process. (The CHSP Appeals Committee serves as an independent body, and no members from the original committees of the appealing agencies can serve on this committee.) This year, one appeal was heard and the original CRT’s recommendation was upheld.
  • Recommendations are submitted to the City Commission, the Leon County Commission and the United Way Board of Directors for ratification.
  • Contracts and memorandum of agreements are executed.


Prior to the CHSP, the City, and the County conducted similar but separate processes for allocating human service funds.  There were isolated funding decisions; less effective, sometimes politically sensitive funding recommendations; and no coordination of application reviews, funding implementation, or planning for services.  Benefits of the CHSP process include:

  • Non-profits file only one application, once each year.
  • Elimination of over-funding of some agencies for the same services (i.e. "double dipping").
  • Identification of gaps in service delivery.
  • Effective use of knowledgeable community volunteers.
  • Extensive volunteer involvement.
  • Less potential for political influence in funding recommendations.
  • Dialogue on community-wide planning and coordination of human services.
  • Shared administrative processes among each of the three funders.



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